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Imagine loans closing today because a land title search didn’t hold them up. With an accurate estimated time of arrival on title searches you can be the hero of your mortgage company by closing loans in days, not weeks. Accurate turnaround time and status updates on your land title search will let you keep your clients happy and in-touch with the status of their loan. Land Title Abstracts can deliver it all, fast and accurate!

Coverage for 40 Louisiana Parishes

Banks and Mortgage Companies: don’t let your loans die because of a slow land title search. Loan Officers can help their clients close their loans fast. Land Title Abstracts has dedicated staff that stay up to date on the status of your abstract. Lenders need abstracts ASAP, and want constant updates in the meantime. Give them exactly what they want for 40 parishes in Louisiana by getting your land title search done by Land Title Abstracts.

Attorneys: Get great reviews by preparing that conveyance for your client faster than they’d expect. Accurate information on any encumbrances or judgments attached to a property will speed the process and keep unwanted surprises off your busy schedule.

Don’t let companies that put your land title search on hold decide the fate of your loan. You know a land title search is important for a loan and that delay is bad for the entire process.

Don’t accept delay! Call today and start your land title search now!