Land Title Abstracts Louisiana

The Best Abstract Title Services Louisiana Offers

Save time and close more loans with accurate estimated time of arrival dates and thorough reports from Land Title Abstracts. We can examine any and all public records in the property owner’s name while maintaining an open line of communication with our clients.

Get immediate updates and accurate ETAs with any one of our abstract title services, including:

  • Update/Bringdown: find out about any liens or conveyances that have been filed since the last property search
  • Ownership Searches: get the most recent acquisition information and the tax ID number on the property.
  • Current Owner Search: get the details on the acquisition of the property: open mortgages, state and federal tax liens, mechanic´┐Żs liens, judgments, and any tax issues the current owner as well as city/parish property tax payment information.
  • Two Owner Search: get the mortgages records, judgments, liens, and city/parish property tax payment information for the last two owners of the property.
  • Document Retrieval: get ahold of any public document from 40 parishes in Louisiana.
  • Full Title Searches: get all mortgages, and conveyance records, information on open mortgages, judgments or liens, as well as city/parish property tax payment information, concerning the property from the past 30 years.

Don’t let loans die from delays or vague time estimates. Save time and money by getting your property title search, available in all of Louisiana’s 40 parishes.

Call now and get an ETA on your land title abstract today!